Micro Treatments

Lovely additions to your services to maximize your time and benefit of treatments.

15 mins $25
Add on to any service $20

V-Neck Firming Mask

This micro-treatment is designed to instantly firm and tighten sagging neck and v-area tissue. Perfect for any client that is concerned with, loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles and rough texture on the neck and v-area. You will see immediate results, with brighter, smoother skin.

Lip Buff Double Exfoliation Treatment

This treatment gently sweeps away dead, peeling skin, reduces fine lines and promotes natural color. Lips will feel cushioned, soft and smooth.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

To promote a sense of relaxation using a powerful blend of aromatic oils for spiritual balance.

Dry Brushing

Exfoliate dead skin cells and improve blood and lymph circulation. Prepare skin for a body treatment.

Multi-Task Eye Mask

This cooling and de-puffing mask helps refine, brighten and smooth away dry, crinkly skin around your eyes, restoring their youthful appearance.

Kerafole Elbow Rescue

Rid yourself of dry, rough and dark elbows and replace them with a smooth, refined skin. This exfoliating specialty treatment will lighten, brighten, and smooth and soften.

Herbology Hand Retexturizer

In this rejuvenating treatment, medicinal Chinese herbs and alpha hydroxy acids are applied to exfoliate, smooth and de-age the skin on your hands.